Meat processing

Equipment for the meat industry

Equipment for the meat industry makes it possible to obtain finished meat products or semi-finished products from the initial product. This requires a whole set of equipment that will allow you to get a high-quality final product.

When the meat enters the production line, it must be cleaned. This is done using machines for skinning from meat, as well as skinning. They can be either manual or automatic. This is especially important when working with difficult-to-process foods such as head and neck. Machines for skinning should be provided with an adjustment of the thickness of the cut to reduce the loss of useful product and protection for the hands. The machine for peeling meat or skin can improve product quality. This meat processing equipment can process large volumes while reducing production costs. If the production is working with fish products, similar equipment for fish is installed.

Equipment for the production of semi-finished meat products can be used for cutting it into portions or used for molding minced meat products. In the first case, machines are needed for vertical or horizontal slicing of meat. They should cut both bone and boneless meat equally well. The result should be high-quality natural steaks, steaks, cutlets with bones, sections of chicken and turkey breasts, etc.

Before the production of molding products, minced meat is produced from meat. For this, equipment for meat production such as tops is used. They are made of stainless steel and can grind large quantities of both fresh and frozen meat. The minced meat is placed in a minced meat mixer, where spices are added, if necessary, and there it turns into a homogeneous minced meat. When using vacuum meat mixers, you can achieve a dense mass, without air inclusions inside, which is very important for obtaining a high-quality semi-finished product.

At the last stage, minced meat enters the molding equipment for the production of semi-finished meat products. These can be cutlet machines that provide the same portions during molding. Depending on the product, they can be customized to different shapes and sizes of products. For forming semi-finished products, both low-temperature and high-temperature minced meat can be used. After forming, the product is breaded and packed, after which it can be delivered to the consumer. During transportation or storage, semi-finished meat products are frozen using special refrigeration equipment.