Meat ingredients

To improve the taste characteristics of products, all specialized factories and workshops use meat ingredients. This applies to the production of both finished products and semi-finished products. These substances include compounds containing phosphates, gums, pectins, animal and vegetable proteins, dietary fiber. They improve the palatability of products by acting as stabilizers and sealants.

Food phosphates

When considering ingredients for meat processing, special attention should be paid to food phosphates. They enhance the moisture binding capacity of all types of meat, which ultimately allows you to increase the yield without practically (if used correctly) does not reduce its quality. In addition, they reduce broth and fatty edema, suspend the process of lipid oxidation while improving organoleptic characteristics by stabilizing color formation, juiciness and consistency. This allows not only to improve the quality, but also to increase the shelf life of finished meat products. It is very important that a minimal dose of phosphates is sufficient to achieve a positive effect.

In the production of semi-finished products, problems often arise when working with minced meat, since it can have a different consistency. During processing, the problem of liquid minced meat can arise, which is completely unsuitable not only for machine, but also for manual molding. If the raw material contains an excessive percentage of fat, semi-finished products from it will be destroyed during frying. In order to get rid of these problems, you can use additional meat ingredients. These include animal and plant proteins, dietary fiber and gums. They are able to increase the functional properties of minced meat without deteriorating its taste characteristics.

Ingredients for meat processing

In order for the ingredients for meat processing to meet the technological characteristics, carrageenans are used. These are naturally occurring polysaccharides derived from seaweed that are harvested directly from the ocean. In the meat industry, they are used as an effective thickener. These substances have anticoagulant and antiviral properties, which will improve product quality.

By using soy proteins, the texture of the finished product can be improved. Meat ingredients of this type help stabilize the minced meat system by increasing the viscosity, reduce losses during heat treatment of the product and help maintain juiciness during secondary cooking, for example, in the production of sausages. In addition, their use makes it possible to increase the yield without losing quality.

The most important ingredients for meat processing are natural spices. They allow you to emphasize the taste of meat, to give a semi-finished or ready-made dish individuality and original taste.