Deboning of meat

Deboning of meat is one of the stages in the processing of raw meat, during which muscle, connective and adipose tissue, that is, in fact, meat, is removed from the bone content. Deboning is carried out manually or using special equipment.

Deboning of meat

Deboning knives

The whole range of raw meat is subject to deboning: beef, pork, carcasses or poultry. Raw materials can be prepared for deboning in the form of whole carcasses / carcasses, half carcasses or quarter carcasses (cuts). If carcasses, half-carcasses and cuts are frozen, defrosting is carried out, then they are cleaned of external contaminants in specially equipped rooms on my personal tables or hangers (hangers). Further, the raw material is weighed (for the reliability of production accounting) and transferred to the deboning department, where the soft tissues are separated from the bones of the skeleton.

Deboning is performed with a special hand-held cutting tool – boning knives, designed for certain technological operations (for example, separating ribs from meat). At the enterprises of the meat processing industry, mechanized deboning is usually used, using vehicles for moving carcasses, circular saws (stationary or hand-held), pneumatic tools. At the end of the deboning, the separated pulp is transferred to trimming, trimming and ritual.