Starfrost is suppling an eco-friendly crust freezing solution to one of the world’s largest producers of poultry

Starfrost recently secured an order to supply a Contact crust freezer for a global poultry processing giant, at a production site based in Turkey.

The customer’s previous freezing process meant its delicate poultry products were sticking to the conveyor and imprinting belt marks when frozen in a spiral freezer – a common issue for soft, fragile food products in the meat, poultry and seafood industry.

Working with the processor to deliver a solution focused on product quality, our team of experts have custom designed a crust freezer to be integrated into the production line that will harden the bottom surface of the individual poultry products using highly effective plate freezing technology.

The reusable, smooth belt of the Contact will prevent unwanted surface marking and maintain the original product shape before deep-freezing in the existing spiral freezer. By treating the underside of the products prior to the spiral freezing stage, the product form will be preserved, prevent the product sticking to the spiral belt and deliver a high quality finished product.

The Contact provides the ideal crust freezing solution for delicate poultry products, the reusable band belt means significantly less waste in comparison to a single use plastic belt alternative and a reduction in operational costs.


⭐ Minimal product dehydration

⭐ Small carbon footprint

⭐ High product yield

⭐ Easy to maintenance and hygiene

⭐ No Belt Marking

⭐ Minimises drip loss and maximises yield