Weber launches innovative spray technology

Separating cold cut slices or prolong shelf life – this technology can do both.

At the weLIVE digital event at the beginning of May, Weber Maschinenbau presented many of its latest product innovations to a global audience of specialists. One such innovation was Weber SprayTech. This intelligent technology makes it possible to spray a non-stick agent that cannot be detected by consumers onto a product, allowing individual portion slices to be removed more easily and without damage. It is used for products that are highly sticky due to their consistency, such as cheese and vegan products. Weber SprayTech is also ideal for use with very thin slices, such as cooked ham. When sliced thinly, these products are naturally sticky and also particularly delicate. In many cases, Weber SprayTech can replace the function of traditional paper or foil separators and is therefore an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to the interleaver. This has also been confirmed in practice: some of Weber’s customers are already successfully using this innovative technology in their production.

The use of SprayTech technology is particularly exciting for products where it is simply impossible to use paper or foil for separating the individual slices. Weber SprayTech therefore opens up brand-new areas of application. One such example is the use for shaved applications. These ultra-thin slices strongly stick to one another after just a short period of time, and consumers find it difficult to remove them without any damage. Traditional interleaver separators reach their limits with these products. This is where Weber SprayTech comes in. With this technology, even shaved meat slices can be easily separated.

Weber SprayTech only starts spraying when the blade releases the product, in order to use resources more sustainably and prevent unnecessary contamination in the slicer room – an additional bonus in terms of sustainability. Even track-related vario applications can be realized with Weber SprayTech. SprayTech can also be used for the application of semi-luxury food or agents that extend the product’s shelf life. Particularly the latter, so-called bioprotection, is a promising future technology and an interesting option for both food processing companies and retailers. In addition to extending the expiry date of food products, certain agents also have the property of delaying or even inhibiting the growth of pathogens. This has several positive effects: improved sustainability thanks to less food wastage and greater food safety.