MTech Systems wins contract with one of the largest poultry producers in North America

MTech Systems, a Munters company within business area FoodTech, secures an important Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contract with one of North America’s largest poultry producers. The order has a value of MUSD 4.3

MTech Systems will deploy the Amino platform, its newest and most innovative SaaS solution. The contract represents the establishment of a long-term partnership to enable the poultry producer to better control and analyze their full value chain including breeding, hatching, feeding and growing.

“This vital partnership continues the successful execution of our strategy focused on helping feed our growing world population. I am excited by the number of top producers that commit to our vision for monitoring and optimizing the entire food value chain to improve sustainability and animal welfare,” says Pia Brantgärde Linder, Group Vice President and President FoodTech.

This agreement demonstrates the recognition of MTech System’s products and services value within the industry. The software solutions and consulting effort will result in a consolidation and standardization of the producer’s many food production complexes across the US.

“I am energized to add this important poultry producer to our significant North American client base, solidifying our role as the number one software solution provider for the industry. We look forward to further innovation and progression toward our common goals of sustainable and responsible food production,” says Marcel Cohen, President of MTech Systems.

The project will commence in second quarter of 2023 with completion of all sites by second quarter 2024.